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Thank you so much for your interest in my work!
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Whether it’s a favourite portrait or memory, a family pet, an important location, or your own Scene from the Multiverse, I am happy to accept custom commission orders of a wide variety of subjects.

As a realist painter, I work from photographs of existing subjects, carefully working to recreate accurate light and colour; I am not able to do composites of multiple images (eg. adding a figure to a scene, combining figures from multiple photos). Photos that have a clear image and a good balance of dark and light work best. The better quality (higher definition, image size, etc) the original image, the better the final result. If you have more than one favourite we can chat about which would work best for a painting.

My rates are based on complexity of the subject (detail work, likenesses if Iā€™m working with faces, number of figures, figure vs landscape, etc), and square footage. I work exclusively in oils, and my style of work requires that I work on a slightly larger scale, which is reflected in the price for a commissioned painting. Prices start at $1050 CAD for a 18×24ā€ size range, single-subject portrait, and increase based on complexity and square footage. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your commission slot, and Canadian orders add provincial sales tax. Shipping is an additional charge.

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